Faith is believin without seeing!

Don’t you just like how Christianity is?  Its fun, its rewarding and it gives you a sense of belonging.

God is worshiped by millions of people, His name has stood the test of time. I am on the right side, what about you?

May our ever loving God grant you peace!


The Jar of Life: First things First

life has got so many dimensions….! haha, thanks for the post

Balanced Action


When life overwhelms us, when our mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and we are afraid to go under, it is important to refocus on what is truly important and dear to us. The story of the “Jar of Life” tells us that even if our life feels full, there is always room for an evening with friends or family.

Why stories are important
When life gets tough a simple, well told story or metaphor can help us look at a situation with new eyes. The distilled essence how a character in a story copes with the challenges of life can teach us an important lesson. For a short moment a story helps to quiet our mind, which allows us to take a deep breath and regain some serenity. In this sense a good, powerful story can act as a wise, compassionate guide.

I hope you enjoy the story of…

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Where are we heading?

Hi, am Ronald. It’s my first time doing this and as usual am a little bit nervous. Who doesn’t get some chills on their first day on anything.

I decided to start a Blog because i wanted to share my personal life story and encourage people that they are not alone in this world we live in.

No matter your personal situation, you are better than someone else. You alone are special and no one can take you down except you.


Smile, dust yourself up and face the world with a smile.